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Jamie Vardy Appreciation

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1 minute ago, Babylon said:

Can we make him a coach, I don't care if he just puts the cones out. I want him on the touch line going mad and winding people up. Get rid of Stowell and make him goalkeeping coach. 


That or he replaces The Birch except he stays on the touchline with the microphone during the game as well.

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10 hours ago, davieG said:




It's the desperately, desperately rage-filled angry faces of the fans that do me every time. There's a couple in there that actually are trying to run down and offer him out as well.


Fantastic stuff. 

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On 11/01/2021 at 11:30, davieG said:

Not only does he live the dream, coming from non league to PL 100 club, but also just winding fans up. I'd love it.


Also he was robbed of a full Bramall Lane this season and we were robbed of the celebrations in the front of that away end.

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Poor Jamie, this bloody hip injury! 


I feel like JV without the hip problem could go on as long as (C) Ronaldo... i'm really worried about him with it though, especially if it's not something the seems particularly fixable.


He was still an absolute menace today though, and if our pitch had been up to its usual standard he scores twice for me!

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