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Jamie Vardy Appreciation

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11 minutes ago, honeybradger said:

Hopefully this goal kickstarts a run of form for him, he's looked a shadow of himself finishing wise recently but at least he's getting into goalscoring positions.

Was it just me, but I actually thought he looked a lot better today.

Dont get me wrong he missed 2 great chances at 0-0 and 1 at 2-1, which he’d always finish, he also missed a few this season that he should always score usually but in general performance today I actually thought he was a lot better and still looks a threat with his pace and movement.

We caused them so much sh*t today when we attacked them and he’s the reason we can play so deep with 5 atb and still resemble some threat.


Lets hope he gets his finishing back because I was disappointed he didn’t get at least a brace today but his general performance I thought was actually very improved.

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5 minutes ago, StanSP said:

Anyone know what actually inspired the celebration!?


Shades of Joe Strummer, I thought.


He did that photo shoot aping the London Calling album cover, so maybe he likes the Clash.

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53 minutes ago, ARTY_FOX said:

Should have scored more but that goal will do him the world of good. Ends a barren run and knowing Vardy he'll go on a good run now. 

Definitely. He's amazing but also a bit of a streak scorer so hopefully the goal today will see the start of another run.

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He must've been disappointed in not converting the opportunity where he lashed it against the bar.

He knew he should've put it in really; but am glad he scored, as he would've bemoaned about the above.

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