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Premier League Thread 2019/20

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16 minutes ago, SouthStandUpperTier said:

And I also remember Olivier Bernard getting TKO'd by a clearance from his own teammate in a game against us back in the day and we all thought it was hilarious. It is taken much more seriously now.

Tbf it's the fall with Bernard. Never fails to make me chuckle.



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13 minutes ago, SouthStandUpperTier said:

That Calvert-Lewin poach really does reek of a striker that knows he doesn't score enough.

Thought he did what any striker should do.. got the ball over the line.. he didn’t know if any defender was behind him.. these commentators are making something out of nothing.. 

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7 minutes ago, Dorchester Fox said:

I’d be pissed off listening to Gary Neville’s comments if I was a Man City fan.. FFS, could he show his love for the reds anymore... and we think we get bad commentators.. 


It's pretty simple.  Broadcasters should just refrain from having commentators or pundits from just one of two sides playing. 


Hoddle for Spurs. :mad:

McMannaman / Carragher for Liverpool

Neville for Man United. 


I don't care how even-handed people might think they are, it's crap uneven broadcasting to have a commentator or pundit associated with one club and not the other. 


None, or two, or leave it. :mad:

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1 minute ago, HankMarvin said:

Because Aguero isn’t playing is Vardys record safe or will it continue in the next game he plays?

I would say it's safe. The impressive part of the record is keeping the form week on week. Which is why van nistelrooys original record wasn't that impressive as it was over two seasons, he had the summer off half way through.

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