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Premier League Thread 2019/20

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5 minutes ago, Hammo said:

Dyche shuffling around uncomfortably  - probably worrying that he won’t have anything to blame this week other than himself and his own team

"Pound Notes" and "Market Leaders" excuse incoming.

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Just now, The Horse's Mouth said:

like why are you diving when you're 4-0 up lol 

Because sadly it’s ingrained. The managers, the ex-pro pundits- they all encourage players  to ‘go to ground’ and ‘invite contact’ etc etc. Let’s hope VAR will change that. Unfortunately Mane got away with it against us.

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8 minutes ago, Koke said:

At least they didn't ramp up their GD. Just need Arsenal and Spurs to drop points.

In a way it’s good as it splits us from the middling likes of Burnley, Bournemouth etc in mid table. Even if we somehow mucked up the top 4 it should give us a better chance for top 6. 

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1 hour ago, Koke said:

The only negative thing I can say about Chelsea is they have conceded 16 goals in 10 games. Twice as many as we have. 

That's why we have a serious chance of a top 3 finish. They also have European football too which will push their squad depth.


But I think they could be extremely dangerous next season. They have the Hazard money burning in their wallets which they can't spend! What a first world problem eh lol!? I suspect they will buy one or two marquee signings, someone like Jadon Sancho wouldn't surprise me given he's supposedly very good friends with Hudson-Odoi. Depending on how they spend it they could be dark horses, though it must be said with Klopp and Guardiola and the squads that both Man City and Liverpool have it's going to be some years before they start to flag. It says it all that we have had our best ever start to a season, have more points than at the same stage when we won the league, and are still "only" third.

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8 minutes ago, Super_horns said:

I am not sure if we will score 9 goals all season!!


Missed some chances again although tbf Foster had to keep Bournemouth out a few times .


You've got Everton next, who many know are hit and miss, and also Norwich and Burnley in your next four fixtures (after Chelsea first).


Think that if you don't achieve a narrow victory over these three sides, who are certainly beatable, will certainly fear will you ever get a victory with your current manager in charge.


Hope you pull out of your situation, as Watford are a well-run club.

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