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Premier League Thread 2019/20

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1 minute ago, Cardiff_Fox said:

They have Dalot and Darmain. Average right-backs who'd do a job whilst the rest of the team gets an overhaul. 


They have no CL money next season and have ignored three of their huge issues whilst signing a player where's perfectly capable players; deadwood off wage bill, centre midfield inbalance and centre-back. 


Manchester United have no direction at all. 

They’ve been playing Ashley Young ahead of those 2. Clearly don’t rate them.

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On 23/06/2019 at 23:21, KingsX said:


      NGL, I fancy my chances in this contest  :)




      Consultants picking the finalists ... what could go wrong?


On 24/06/2019 at 05:08, Mehrez said:



You both forgot the club mottoo. 


Deeney day forever. 

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3 hours ago, Cardiff_Fox said:

Spent £50m on a position they have Dalot at the same point of his career 


4 hours ago, Finnegan said:

Wan Bissaka for 50m is up there with the worst transfers of all time. And they wonder why they're shit. 

Smells like they're just trying to weaken their opposition, in the sense that "better he ends up at our place than somewhere else".


He's got talent and was one of Palace's best players last season, some say the best. Let's see how he does.

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