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Premier League Thread 2019/20

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3 minutes ago, fuchsntf said:

Can the Fox,chase down the Liver bird...??

We beat the ol'man Cock,and got among the chickens..& Scuppered The MC..Ship not long back!!!  


Nothing is determined or decided before Christmas, New  Year & Easter pens or coupes have been rattled...

I’d like to offer you another beer.

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That was the weirdest piece of commentary ever.


"James Ward-Prowse! Oh James WARD-Prowse!"


Why the emphasis on Ward second time? If he's been called James Thunderbastard-Prowse it would have made sense after that goal, but it was just odd.

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Just now, MC Prussian said:

So tight down at the bottom of the table. It's going to get more and more interesting as the season progresses. Could boil down to the very last game of the season.

If the bottom three keep beating each other and hardly anyone else, they'll be long gone before the end of the season.

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8 minutes ago, foxfanazer said:

Looks that way mate. Where's it all gone wrong for you lot? Under investment? 


No improvement in defence and ageing squad .


5 minutes ago, foxfanazer said:

The replay of that Southampton equaliser shows a handball so why isn't it given? 

VAR hasn't been kind to us !

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1 minute ago, SheppyFox said:

I don’t understand what’s happening with Watford.

Me neither, last season they had a great effectiveness about them and although they ended the season badly I don't get it. They bought well as well in the summer on paper, just shows how quickly it can all go tits up for the majority of established PL teams.

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5 hours ago, MattP said:

De Bruyne hits the ball harder than anyone I've ever seen. Batistuta and Carlos were brutal but he's on a different level to them.

Batistuta fvcking hell now there’s a name!! 

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