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win win against ManCity for me

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10 hours ago, Ted Maul said:

Proper Liverpool fans are some of the best I've ever met- I went to our 4-1 drubbing up there a couple of years back and they were a good laugh and respectful of us in the pub before and after the game.


Definitely. I've had the same experience before. Also remember sections of their fans clapping us off after our 2-2 draw there under Pearson.

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6 minutes ago, Corky said:

Not the first time this has happened. Seen comments on here wanting us to lose under Pearson and Puel.


Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of Liverpool but we're in this game for ourselves and winning at a team with 92 points would be a sensational result. Even a point is a brilliant effort.


This is all a bit small-time, I'm afraid.

Got the chance of doing the double against a quality side like man city. But nah **** that cuz Barry at works a Liverpool fan and he might be a bit of an arrogant cock if they win the league

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17 hours ago, foxestalkisfullofidiots said:

I don’t think many people hate Liverpool, TBF probably been the best side in the league this season to watch, but if like me your best mate supports Liverpool and you work with 3 Liverpool fans and the closest they have been to Anfield is Long Eaton Roundabout off the M1 then you will probably want to lose against Man City if it means listening to them all summer talk about how amazing Klopp is.

This. I work with a bunch of lads from Leeds and one from Gloucester. All avid Liverpool fans who can't see past Ian Rush's mullet.


Can't wait to see them fumble at the last minute.


If they lift the cup, I'm taking a month off.

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