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Season Tickets 2019/2020

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2 hours ago, Lestagirl said:

So that doesn’t seem quite fair then if you had 41 points and others only 39..

Means the other person had less than 39.  Lowest points apply to all group applications.  Written in black and white in the brochure.

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Question: So assume those that were lucky enough to acquire season tickets were notified today ... but for whatever reason in circumstances...don’t take advantage of the offer.


Is there a chance it goes down the pecking order or am I clutching at straws? 

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Season tickets available now for anyone succesful in the ballot - just got mine in SK3 :)


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13 minutes ago, Suffolk exile said:

Can't believe it - me and my boys have all now got season tickets!

When I went online there seemed to be quite a few available.......

There's a cap of 23k STs and 'home' capacity is closer to 29k, so even once they're all sold there'll still be loads of seats around the ground which'll be sold on a per-match basis to members/general sale


Supposedly there's somewhere between 600-900 people who were succesful in the ST application.

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16 hours ago, KrefelderFox666 said:

They normally accommodate seat moves for individual games. Best chance is prob Family Stand as biggest availability

14 hours ago, Blackboots only said:

So, I made up to get a season ticket but now I have an issue that I was wondering if anyone else has experienced ?

ive sat in the family stand for the past few years with my kids, buying tickets when they are on sale to members. 

But both my kids only had 29 points so I applied on my own ( I had 39) thinking that at least we could get 1 season ticket and build up from there, and tbh I didn’t think I’d get one. 


So from tomorrow I can purchase 1 season ticket, but I’m pretty sure I can’t buy one in the family stand. 

We have sat in the same 3 seats in the family stand  for the past few seasons as there always available online. 


So if I have a season ticket somewhere else in the ground and want to transfer on a match by match basis to the family stand is that possible? 

Also will the online ticket system physically let me buy 2 under 18s tickets in the family stand without an adult (even though I’d transfer seats) 

I’m a bit confused how that would work ?

im not actually bothered where I sit, but I’d need a seat that usually has spares around it. 



So, I’ve been to the KP to get my season ticket, there was a steady flow of people doing similar. 

I explained the above mentioned issues and was told I can relocate on a game to game basis into the family stand with no limits. 

But I will have to either phone to get tickets for my 2 kids or in person at the ground for each game. 

So I just went for the cheapest ticket they had (£395) in C1, as tbh I’ll probably never even sit in it, as I’ll move for every game. 

Staff down at the ticket office were very helpful and quick. 

They also credited me back with the £45 I paid for membership, so in the end I got a new season ticket for £350. 

Pretty happy with that, as I was paying around £40 for every game just for myself. 


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When I need to upgrade my daughter's season ticket for the matches she can't make what price do the club charge? The uplift to full single match ticket price, or the difference between the child and adult season ticket price? Also when she was a member there was a limit on the number of times we could upgrade to adult, does this apply to her ST now too? 

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