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Harvey Barnes

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On 15/02/2020 at 03:13, steveherbe said:

I've watched plenty of women's football on the Beeb, and it is utter 5h1te. I'll continue watching, cos any football is better than no football, but it really is Sunday League at best. As for them expecting to be paid the same as men, you have to be joking. It's entertaining, same as Emmerdale is entertaining, but serious, passion inducing football? Never, and never will be. 



In between all the weird, sweaty man complaining about women's football having more coverage than it used to, I'd like to get this back on track and say I love Harvey and think he is a proper baller.


Wouldn't start him against Man City but only cause id play five at the back due to our lack of a defensive midfielder. 


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