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Matches that you didn't actually manage to get to.

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1. Think it was last season, I was in the bath about 12.30pm before setting off for the game. My son came upstairs to tell me he had been told the game was an early kick off. I thought it was 3.00pm, so three tickets wasted. Dried by bits and bobs and watched it in the telly. It had just kicked off.


2. Man City 1-0 Mark Robins. Think half the away support failed to get there that night due to the weather. For some reason went up the M1, got to Meadowhall and literally littered with abandoned cars due to snow. Turned back at half term when knew it was impossible to get there for any of it.


3. Hull away on a Friday night ( I think) travelled from London, turned back at Nottingham due to traffic. Think I turned back when I heard we were 2-0 down.


4. 15/16 Man City away - got there at half time. Went nuts in the car when I heard Huth had scored. Although missed half of it, one of the best away days ever. Just spent the walk back to the car finally thinking, you know what, we could do this. 

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Went to see City play Leeds away. There was an overturned lorry across 3 lanes of the M1 which closed the motorway and about half of City’s support didn’t get there. We finally made it there at halftime and we ended up losing 3-0.


Another time we were away at Coventry and I hadn’t realised it was an early kick off until I got in the car, turned on the radio and heard the commentary. Drew that one 1-1

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Some time in the 80s decided to drive down to see us play at Chelsea with a couple of friends, including my mate's wife who'd never been to a match, and wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

Near Northampton the car basically died, and it became clear we weren't going to make it to London.

She still wanted to see a match though, so we ended up going to watch the Cobblers playing Swindon. Bloody awful game, a 0-0 draw. 

Weirdly, though, she loved it...

Another time, a couple of us were trying to get to Burnley but ended up in North Wales. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Still does, actually...

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Went to Palace in 2018. Drove there, got stuck in traffic, with my shirt on in the middle of a Palace fan parade it looked like. Couldn't find anywhere to park. got past kick-off time and missed the start and nearly gave up and went home, so I didn't actually manage to get to the start! Eventually found somewhere half legal to park and ran the 2 miles to the stadium, to catch as much as I could. Still, at least the result was good...   :nigel:

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Leicester were either not playing or was too far away so went to villa park, queued outside for tickets (early 90's) sold out before I could get in, never did get to see a match at villa park before the stadium renovations, the Holte end always looked ace.  I think it was against Liverpool and thought it was 0-0 but looking at the results it would have been Jan 1991 but from memory is it was red hot that day so maybe it wasn't v Liverpool.

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Newcastle away in the Championship 2009. August bank holiday. Locked up for drunk trying to enter a football ground after a heavy days drinking. Heard the Newcastle goal in the cells underneath the stadium. Released by midnight with a caution. 

Could have been worse they didn’t issue me a banning order. ?

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