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6th place guaranteed or League Cup?

6th place or League Cup?  

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  1. 1. For the season ahead would you rather have 6th place guaranteed or win the League Cup?

    • 6th Place
    • League Cup

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The only advantage of the League Cup is the Wembley glory day out. But I wouldn't want that while being involved in a relegation battle.


Being 6th will mean we will have had some pretty impressive results against other top teams.


So I'm opting for 6th place.


Now if you had said FA Cup...mmmm...I might think differently.

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You get into Europe with a cup win so there’s not really an advantage to doing it via the league position. 


We wouldn't celebrate Schmeichel lifting up a photo of the league table 

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For long term consistent success we need to break the top 6. Simples.


Trophies are wonderful of course but right now, finishing higher in the league will open more doors for us.


Another question would be FA Cup or 4th place?

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FA Cup and top ten > top six > league Cup and outside top six. 


Trophies are nice but I want us to be a top six / top four club. I want us to have that level of ambition. We get there by making continual progress. I think so many of the traditional top six are in such a shambles that the time is now for us, Everton and Wolves. 


So I want to see that we're improving in the league personally because if we don't, they will. 


Arsenal, United and Chelsea might take years to recover from their mess. The iron for us is hot now. 

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I would take sixth because it's not beyond us to lose form, sell or buy the wrong players, sack the manager, appoint Pardew or Big Sam and get relegated. 


Whilst it generates as much money as it currently does, the club needs as many years as possible in this league. 

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Surely this is a no brainer. League Cup win every time for guaranteed European football (albeit starting in 2nd Q Round of UEL). 6th might get you nothing.


Much rather win a cup with a day out at Wembley.


I'll be disappointed this season if we don't match Man City and win the domestic treble.

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