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The Politics Thread 2019

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27 minutes ago, Jon the Hat said:

Utterly ridiculous comparison to be honest. Offensive as well.

Sections of the elite flirting with right wing populism, clever manipulation by propagandists, certainly parallels. We don’t know how this all ends so I wouldn’t be so sure that the whole thing doesn’t get out of hand. I’ll certainly be watching the program.

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13 hours ago, HappyHamza said:

 I'm not a fan of corbyn but i find the right wing media response to him ridiculous. 

Why is corbyn worse than the current shower?

The Tories have been remarkably successful in painting him as an extremist despite the fact most of his policies are actually popular on their own. 

Is it? He has done most of that himself with his incompetence. 


Corbyn is a liar, he has lied about pretty much everything from lunching with terrorists, to 'sorting' student loans, his Brexit stance has long been unfathomable and incoherent, the stood the last election on securing Brexit, he wanted a deal similar to Mays but not Mays and now they are supposedly a party of 'remain' although how any idiot would believe that is beyond me.


Some policies are long Labour policies not his are in moderation are ok, some Corbyn/McDonnell polices like buying utilities at below market rate (A rate determined by government), seizing private business and giving it to the workers, seizing gardens and property and giving it to the many, high tax on business and the rich are crazy extremist socialist policies which have failed time and time again. The result if we ever have the misfortune to be implemented here there will be millions of jobless, extreme poverty  for all well beyond the reaches of Brexit. Still at least we would all be equally poor except his inner circle like in other despot socialist nations. 


10 hours ago, Charl91 said:

Agree with this too.


I'm hoping Corbyn sees sense in this, as it's the logical play, but it wouldn't surprise me if Corbyn thought he could win an election*.


(*He can't - he couldn't beat Theresa, and she was wildly more unpopular than Borris is).

Corbyn is a fool, he has wanted an election for years. If he pull out now he shows himself for what he is, a nasty, lying,  jealous second rate loser.


1 hour ago, Buce said:


He can and judging by this morning's news reports, he will.


It's the smart play and while Corbyn maybe isn't that smart, fortunately he has advisors who are

Just shows him up to be the liar he is. He's been banging on about an election for ages, as soon as he realises he is going to lose he backs out. The man is pathetic and needs to quit for the good of the country, he is no more a remainer than Farage and equally knavish.


I wouldn't call it smart, most people will see through it for what it is pathetic brinkmanship and cowardice.  Advisors like Seamus Milne are as vile as Dominic Cummings, they are the nasty heart of the Labour party at present filled with bullying. 

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In a slightly related brexit note I think a new law needs to be enacted for companies who don't pay tax in the UK. 


They should have to pay a percentage on all UK turnover which is at least 30% and also contribute to the up keep of the local area they operate based on number of customers / clients they have in the UK.


We have the richest in the country benefiting from health care, roads, policing everything yet they don't contribute.  This needs to stop this country is in desperate need ATM.

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Nigel Farage, the Brexit party leader, is on the Today programme now.

He says if Boris Johnson were to promise a “clean break” in a general election, the Brexit party would support him.

But that is not what Johnson is planning. Johnson wants to “reheat” Theresa May’s deal, he says.

He says there is “no aspect” of the treaty negotiated by May that is acceptable.

(Johnson’s view is that, without the backstop, the rest of the deal would be acceptable.)




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