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What we would like to see from the teams individuals

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We have seen many posts,on expectations,hopes and dreams of team

Potential..but what would we like to see from the individuals..without too much negative critic but the simple from hope,and expectation encouragement


From my side,I believe we will see Maddison perform and display his football-nous,and his technical ability.

Chilwell will develope even more,and will improve his assists,also his crosses too  ( I don't think they are so poor as FT,will have,ditto Albrighton)

Albrighton,more frontfoot football,and up his goal tally,and a few more assists.

Perez hearty welcome,just give us that something extra, + a 9-14 goal tally.

Tielemans.  Just carry on and show your potential.

Soyuncu. just develope and prove you sit well at CB.

Benkovic  Same as Soyu,and keep injury free!!!

Evans. 1st Keep Injury free, 80-85% of the season,then  you will be First choice.. help our young ones. Score 5+ goals

Periera, develope mental discipline when defending,carry on driving forward & become even more of a menace around opponents box...

Gray & Nacho.  Take & use that chance!! Dont accept average...be something special,But accept you MUST earn it..!!!

Barnes. Now Realise that potential..!!

Vardy.. Convert more and give us 2-3 seasons, 20-22+ ,18+,18+ goals per season.and own that Mr Leicester Title!!

King...Give us that needed cover

Choudry,. Its there,grab your chance,become a city 1st choice!!

Ndidi. Consolidate & up your potential.

Mendy. If your staying,make sure you are worth game-time,at least 11-13th man,& compete for 1st choice..

The Fringe. Make this season count & compete for higher positions,within squad!!!

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Barnes and Choudhury are the ones I'm really wanting to kick on and force themselves into the starting 11. Barnes just needs to learn to keep his composure in the box which he's shown glimpses of. Choudhury needs to make sure he keeps his discipline although his tenacity is what I like most about him

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These aren't expectations, more semi-realistic hopes.


Chilwell applied himself and used Simpson as a tutor to improve his defending. If he could now take advantage of Ricardo whilst he's here and expand his attacking dimension using Ricardo as a model, he will be worth more than Maguire come next summer transfer window.


If Hamza can keep learning from Ndidi, Mendy and Rodgers, developing his game with the gametime he hopefully gets more of, he could get an England callup very soon. 


Albrighton and Barnes need to deliver on Rodgers' trust, as it looks like we're signing no midfielders. If Albrighton's game has somehow managed to miraculously improve under Rodgers, as the preaseason has hinted at, he could be fantastic. Barnes will push him all the way, too, and this is hopefully the season he can start to convert his end product of the lower leagues to the Premier League.


Soyuncu and Benkovic: make us forget Maguire.


Ricardo: get more attacking contributions than Trent Alexander-Arnold this season :ph34r:




Vardy 20 goals 5 assists

Perez 10 goals 5 assists

Maddison 10 goals 10 assists

Tielemans 5 goals 10 assists

Albrighton 5 goals 5 assists

Barnes 5 goals 5 assists

Ricardo 5 goals 10 assists

Chilwell 10 assists


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I'd like to see Albrighton and Gray actually scoring more than 3 goals each.

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