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20 hours ago, Dan LCFC said:

That is probably fair in my opinion. I do however think given the price it was a real error. I thought at the time it was too much.

It was a real error but surely forgiveable . BR had n't been here long enough or seen enough of us to know exactly what was wanted. For all I (we ?) know maybe things had even been already started regarding Perez. BR needed "recalibrating" in the sense he'd been in the Scottish PL for a few years where playing standards standards are not what they were. I certainly forgive him, as if he's to blame for the error , he must be credited imo for having such a successful transfer policy since. Admittedly Ünder is still a little bit unproven but Fofana, Castagne, Tielemans, Justin, Thomas (not a transfer admittedly), Praet, outweigh the error and by a lot. If he manages to further improve our squad strength this summer by the same amount, reasonably economically, we definitely should  be up with the big guys at a fraction of their costs, We're pretty well there now. I reckon that overall we've probably achieved the best transfers in the PL. over the last two seasons, and could make a huge profit on transfers , not that I'd want that to happen.


I am less happy, and puzzled as to  why he keeps being played. I think in all his recent matches we've had a better alternative, in fact more than one. Perez looks very unhappy to me, a little bit remote from the rest of our excellent squad . I hope he ends up somewhere where he's happier with his football ,possibly in Spain. I'm actually more puzzled by the forum members who seem blind to his obvious shortcomings. What do they put his match statistics and ratings down to ?


Perez seems to me a pretty nice guy, quite a brave guy, with average PL football skills but with not enough physical attributes and skills combined to ever make a good ,or even useful  PL player. He's also a poor decision maker in my opinion.  Selecting him is not doing him any favours at all. 

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3 minutes ago, Peckfortonfox said:

Don’t think it’s lack of effort, just not a premier league player. Would do ok down at notts forests or derby 

He is a premier league player, but only in a very very specific role. Sadly, none of our preferred setups employ this role.

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Just now, Steve Earle said:

I like him, but can’t defend that performance. Really, really lightweight & poor. Fortunately for Ayo, there was (at least) one even poorer performer.


Not sure there has been. At least Under has completed a pass 

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We lose the momentum on the ball so much with Perez, he's got good close control and can lay it off well but no chance of him doing something out of the ordinary or dragging the game with him.

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