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Other players justifiably so getting praise for their performances yesterday but I think Ndidi deserves some too! Played every minute since the restart and has been colossus, especially yesterday (Bournemouth wasn't his fault!). 


Yesterday typified the player we have on our hands and have come to love. Getting stuck in and to the ball first, Sheff Utd's midfield didn't have any answer to him. Meanwhile he had all the answers against anything they put up against us. 


Top in tackles (121) and only behind Rico for interceptions (78).


Here's hoping for a top class performance on Sunday too. Much tougher challenge ahead against the likes of Son, Lamela and Winks. He'll be busy for sure! 


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7 minutes ago, RowlattsFox said:

There hasnt been too much comment on Ndidi at centre back which probably shows he's done reasonably well. Impressed by his general composure and distribution been quite good. Not a long term solution but if we ever go 3 at the back he might be worthy trying. 

He's also been helped by the fact that Mendy has played really well at CDM. Actually there is an argument to say that against teams that play a deep block that having Ndidi at CB and Mendy at CDM could be better - Mendy is the better passer / recycler of the ball and Ndidi's height and tackling makes it tighter at the back. But of course we know that Ndidi is one of the best CDM's in the league and there were times were Mendy was competing for an aerial 50/50 and of course had no chance against some of the players he was up against from Burnley, whereas Ndidi wins a lot of those type of challenges.

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20 minutes ago, Will1981 said:

He looked like he was carrying an injury during the game, he kept stretching his back.

He had a collision with one of their players as he went to block a cross/tackle them and was affected then. Don't think he'll play Wednesday which will be good. 

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2 minutes ago, Steve_Guppy_Left_Foot said:

I've long said he'd make a great cb if needed but generally been laughed out the door. He'd be quality in most positions. 

Not sure why considering he started out as a CB.


I was more worried about Soyuncu yesterday, so that says something about his performance. 

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36 minutes ago, Spudulike said:

Wes (not the French one) will probably start on Wednesday with Jonny boy back for the Manc's. As long as Cags is alright then we should be ok. 

I thought Jonny boy was still suspended - or does the cup game count as the third game?

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