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12 minutes ago, Col city fan said:

Our best defensive midfielder by a country mile

Those shouting for the inclusion of Mendy, you’ll get your chance now


This will be a huge loss Imo.

Who's been shouting for the inclusion of Mendy? I'm a big fan and he's underrated by lots on here but only an idiot would want him starting ahead of Ndidi who is one of the best pure DMs in the world. 

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5 minutes ago, FOXSE said:

Never walk angry on a balcony!

It’s a bloody good job I only live on the 3rd floor. No Wilf and no money. Sound. Cheers Brendan. As far as post match pressers go that’s got to be up there with the worst ever. Wish he hadn’t bothered lol 

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13 minutes ago, Manini said:

Why do all our serious **** off injury’s always happen so innocuously as well by the way? Ricardo trots off the pitch after playing 90, yeah sorry lads, done his ACL there he’s buggered. 

N’didi as well. Didn’t even look like he was injured and now he’s crocked enough to be out until basically ****ing Christmas. 

Fuming me I’m going for an angry pace up and down my balcony. 

Theres some dozo in the Flat above..pacing up and down his Bloody balcony..!!


I didnt mind that so much, but pssing all over my window-box Geraniums & Tomatoes,is going a bit too far...

Then he farts,and my kids get Scared thinking its thunder & my Mrs runs into the pantry shouting Russian gas attack...!!!



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