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Newcastle H Match Thread

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21 minutes ago, foxile5 said:

Danny Mills and Ray Houghton know very little about most teams I'd wager. 


Shame, because Mills ought to be a bit more clued up. 

Danny Mills is a **** of the highest order 

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1-0 up, all us, Carrol comes on and scores a sh**house equaliser.......sorry just had my Sunday afternoon kip and that was the dream / nightmare.


3-0 City, we're a more reliable outfit now than my inner conscience throws up.

Or.... 0-0 and that Sean big stick lad gets man of he match for shutting us out.



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All this Souness name dropping is p*** poor. It could be an attitude of "Until they've been around a while and achieved something significant I'm not going to give remembering them the time of day" but he's covering one game today, 22 starting players, earning a wage to do it, how about a little bit of research on your way in, I'm not asking for Motson-esque analytics of what the players had for breakfast and which blood group they are but their names would be a start. I'm disgusted in you er mardy Scot, er, Gary Souness,, whatever it is, I really am George. 

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You'd imagine that Souness gets a fair old wad for coming on and dispensing his knowledge and experience, but he's frigging useless. 


When he was talking about Wilf Ndidi, he started off with the stuff everyone knows: lots of tackles, great engine, frees up others, etc


Then he added something like "and he's good on the ball, too". 


That's the giveaway. Souness has only watched us on highlights and he is guessing. 


Even those of us wearing blue tinted spectacles know that Wilf is by far at his best when he wins it and then lays it off immediately in a short pass, and that if he tries to be creative he gets in trouble. 


Souness is getting money for old rope. 

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