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Really impressed with the controller, feels like its in a completely different league to the xbox one


Only tried the astrobot game so far as the rest are downloading but im pretty impressed overall already


Glad to see the downloads use your full bandwidth as well, makes a nice change getting 60mb/s downloads instead of the 10mb/s i was getting on ps4

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I’ll pick on up in the new year I think. As excited as I am to try it, I still don’t think anything will beat my knackered chipped ps1.


I ended up having to tip it sideways and spin the disk manually to get it to work, whilst using a spring the hold the leaver down on the disk space as the lid’s plastic spike had snapped off 😂



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2 hours ago, Leicester_Loyal said:

I'm literally just watching the Peep Show Jeremy's Mummy episode and he said it about 30 seconds before I read this commentlol 'I'm not the one dressed like a prozzie!'


How is it then people? Everyone who ordered one received it now?

Haha ****ing love peep show.


The PS5 is excellent on an hours play on Spider-Man. Graphics are insane. The console itself is a right ugly bugger though.

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2 minutes ago, Julian Joachim Jr Shabadoo said:

Sounds painful


Well, in terms of cost they're currently 50 quid down from 100.  Will go with them and see what they're like.  Demons Souls will be an even better experience with, rather than without, them.


Those of you who have the console already, how's it looking on a 4k screen?  

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