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What's our aim, this season?

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Before the season I'd have been delighted with top 6.


I genuinely think our aim now should be top 4. We've got absolutely nothing to fear.


(The FA Cup would be a Brucie Bonus)

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Top 4


I'll still be cheering on Liverpool against Tottenham tomorrow 100%. 


Europa Cup is nice but a bit of a season wrecker. 


This time tomorrow we could still be 8pts clear of Tottenham and similar to Man Utd. Arsenal and Chelsea are capable but nothing to fear. i still think Liverpool and Man City are a different level to anything else in the league but see no reason why we couldn't finish top four. Most of our players would get into some of the sides in the big six. Quality wise we match up well, it's not David versus Goliath with the XI we put on the pitch. 

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Before the Newcastle game I would have been content with top 6 and a solid run in both cups.


Now, given that we've shown that we can be ruthless against the lower sides (where we've typically struggled) and it looks like there's still more to come from this squad, I'd be disappointed (but still just about satisfied) if we don't finish top4 and reach a cup final (or at least come very close).

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Still think top 6 would be good.


I think Liverpool, Man City and probably Chelsea will finish above us. Then it's between us, Arsenal, Spurs and United for the final place. Maybe it's my Leicester pessimism but I think it'll be incredibly tough to get it.  

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