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Burton Albion 3-1 Post Match Thread

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12 hours ago, Marshall Cockney Fox said:

Albrighton was poor tonight. But that is rarely the case with Marc. So maybe just an off night. 

TBH, his finishing is and always has been a major weakness...

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43 minutes ago, Les-TA-Jon said:

What happened when Lloyd Dyer came on? 

Would anyone know with all that blue smoke around? 

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1 hour ago, Ashley said:

Any photos of our end? I'm sure they sold more tickets than that end can comfortably hold. 



No, soz, kinda wished I took one when the smoke was let off looked pretty cool from where I was.

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Good old fashioned ground.

Loved the terrace - nightmare getting back in for the 2nd half.

Good first half - not clinical enough. Get that 3rd goal before HT and control possession 2nd half - different game completely.

One of the worst 2nd halves i've seen in a long time - we looked dead at sea for the first 25 minutes of 2nd half, not able to string more then three passes together. 

So many basic mistakes, losing possession from our own throw ins more times than I could count.

Justin had a really poor game - was beaten far too easily in the 2nd half - needs to show more form like he did in the last round at Luton to be considered on a more permanent basis.

Albrighton not as bad as many are making out - put a lot of work in but we all know he isn't a striker. Missed a few sitters but no more than Gray - that chance at the end which Lloyd cleared off the line was criminally under hit.

Barnes was superb when he came on - I would make him MOTM which says a lot about how we played in the 2nd half. Tielemans and Evans probably the only other candidates.

Atmosphere struggled for large portions of the game. Was solid for the first 30 minutes but didn't pick up until the 85th minute.

Chanting VAR VAR can get in the ****ing bin.

Loved the Dave's accountant chants.

7/10 would recommend. lol

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