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There's a Star Man! - Percy Telegraph Article on Tielemans

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Interesting about being in the leadership group. Have noticed how how vardy  and co. Seem to really celebrate with him when he scores or assists. Just assumed that it was about making him feel part of the “family” but maybe they have taken him more to heart than that. He does seem to have the right character that fits right in with the atmosphere within the squad

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So it was fitness that was the main reason, my idea about it being a baby thing turns out to be incorrect.


Would we have got him a few weeks sooner if we had given them £40m? It might have made a difference but £32m is just amazing value. Our midfield general.

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6 hours ago, NewquayFox said:

Diamond geezer yes, leadership group, I very much doubt it. One of the most together teams around so I can’t imagine a splinter gang will do much for the team moral...

there is deffo a “leadership” group, there has been for years. kingy’s mentioned it, big wes, kasper too. they’re the players who present the thoughts and feelings of the squad to the manager/senior staff or something. can fully see why youri and chilwell would be involved in that as well as the older guys, we’ve got a lot of young players and they might have a lot of different ideas or complaints that someone like vardy doesn’t actually give a shit about. good mixture of young and old, homegrown and big signings across every part of the club. 

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Tielemans is now fully settled in north Leicestershire with long-term partner Mendy - they met in their early teens while Tielemans was at Anderlecht - and last month they welcomed a new addition to the family: daughter Leana, who is the baby sister of Melina.

Can I be the first to wish Youri and Nampalys all the best with their future.

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