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England squad announcement - Euro 2020 qualifiers 07/11

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Called it. As soon as he said there's a pecking order through the England ranks then you knew form meant nothing to him. We'll probably still do ok, it's against weak opposition. 

But I'm gonna say this and the Sterling/Gomes situation isn't going to gain him popularity anymore and his tenure could be starting to come to an end.

Not saying this just as a Leicester fan wanting to see more of our players playing internationals but the whole nation has been crying for Maddison to get a chance for ages now. And until he does it won't go well for Southgate. In hindsight the country is already ruing the lack of involvement with Vardy previously and are now wanting him to come out of retirement to play for England. So now we're all hoping he doesn't make the same mistakes again, but it's inevitable as he really doesn't have the experience or an idea for England's identity apart from encouraging the youngsters to represent their country. 


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22 minutes ago, Sunbury Fox said:

Chris Sutton is growing on me. On 5 Live just now their chief football correspondent, Ian Brown, said (apparently in all seriousness) that from what he'd seen this season Mount should be ahead of Maddison. Sutton literally burst out laughing in response before making a really strong case for why Maddison is better!


He's probably more likely doing it because he's ex Norwich more than anything else....

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He started brightly but the England network has ground him down. Its back to big club bias. 


There isn't any reasonable explanation for Ox to be be playing. He won't be fully match fit and isn't pulling up trees when he plays. 


This is why I'm over England. Other nations play their best eleven, we play our most famous. 


As one poster alluded to, its to perpetuate the 'must play for the big six' mentality that ensures the money keeps moving. **** em. 

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31 minutes ago, FoxyJim1987 said:

Apparently Henderson bossing man city or Maddison bossing arsenal was not comparable to Winks being given the run around by sheff United or ox watching from the bench. He does watch from the bench really well though to be fair and his hair is nice. 

Have just copied this and pasted it into a text for some friends as I loved it. You won’t get credited but just know that plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery

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