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It begins tomorrow

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11 minutes ago, davieG said:

....I think that just proves my point. If no one had responded to his previous topics maybe he would get a message that no one is interested in his threads

No it's come because people keep posting in his topics which I'm sure he's  loving.


Surely it's  better for the forum to judge the validity of topics than the mods. I'd guarantee there'd be moans it we started deleted threads we didn't rate, in fact there has been in the past.


Anyway as the most prolific thread starter on here I'm not sure I'm the best person to judge :D

Yeah but you start threads to start conversations, not like this.


Like Stan says it's a thread about Premier league games and our arsenal match, both threads are right at the top of this page and are active and popular. Had this been about  subject that hadn't been talked about in ages and the thread dropped down the list, fair enough, but it doesn't take much to work out this thread and pretty much every thread treer starts is pointless.

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4 minutes ago, davieG said:

But there's  new threads all over the forum that could justifiably be merged with either the PL or Do they mean us thread. Sometimes it's good for new ones to be created but it's all subjective. I use to spend half my time on here merging threads it was a thankless task, sure it made the forum tidier but we had fewer longer threads that plenty didn't like. I then spent time having to answering PMs on Where's my topic gone?

Oh come on this one is quite obvious lollol 


P.S I won't get annoyed if you delete the other 'It begins...' threads if this one gets merged :D 

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