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Mahrez 'lost two years at Leicester'

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4 minutes ago, Dahnsouff said:

Two things

  1. Don't believe the article
  2. If it were true, then he is in the process of basically losing the rest of his career

Now, back to my Emmerdale marathon.

Don't believe the article? It's full of first hand quotes from him? 


"For me, it’s clear that I lost two years at the highest level" 


Or are you saying they made the quotes up? 

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Did he not sign a contract and made a commitment? Leicester was within its powers to demand that he fulfilled his commitment. Also did he forget that he was picked up from no where by Leicester? Talk about being ungrateful too. Plus, was not he one of the senior players who should feel responsible for the club fighting relegation because he was part of the team. Blame culture in abundance.


I hope the article is indeed fake news.

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