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Loathsome Leicester City FC Pictures (Not for the weak minded)

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40 minutes ago, onekeithweller said:

That reminds me that I bought an LG microwave just because they were sponsors. It was shit.

I remember blaming LG for that whole wretched season! It just didnt feel right after so long with Walkers.


Also I have to ask, what makes a microwave shit? Press a button, stuff gets hot🤷🏻‍♂️😁


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1 hour ago, Footballwipe said:

Can we discuss that photo, then. I was 11 going into that season, aware of football but not fully understanding, of course. I thought spending £7m on Scowcroft, Walker and Wise was great business and I was excited for the new season (until I heard the Bolton score in a static caravan in Cleethorps)


After the dreadful end to 00/01, what were people's expectations going into 01/02? New stadium, still awash with cash, Premier League regular. Was it "oh we'll recover from that bad patch" or were we all braced for the season ahead? Was Wise the midfield terrier we needed? Was Scowcroft really considered the answer to attacking options? I'm genuinely fascinated by attitudes "at the time"

Peter Taylor said we were good enough to qualify for Europe.


I'm the same age as you and was probably optimistic until I sat in the Family Stand as usual watching us cave in to Bolton.


Wise probably was viewed as a positive signing, Walker I was pleased to get (and proved to be a decent player), but losing the first two games 9-0 slightly dampens enthusiasm.

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39 minutes ago, Mark_w said:



I'm probably not far out of shot in sk1 that day.


****ing horrible. Hadn't we turned over liverpool the week before. 


Still rankles, still dream of us lifting the FA CUP even after the league win.

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