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Norwich 1-1 Post Match Thread

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Really poor today. Maddison didnt turn up at all. His worst game for us by far may aswell have not played. Disinterested and that's disappointing, you'd think he'd have been up for it. Barnes as bad as he has ever been. So so so greedy recently. Just runs into trouble time and time again and shoots from stupid angles. 


Feels bad saying the above because we're been brilliant this season but it was just terrible. Roll on man city and correct the mistakes of today. 

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Bad day at the office, everyone off their game. The title is a dream but see the positive that we are a point further ahead of Chelsea. Get this performance out of the way before the next two games where we will hopefully be better. 


Credit to Norwich, excellent today in both halves. Played some good stuff first half then defended well second.

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Didn't watch this ended up listening to Radio Leicester (lol).


Sounded like we just were not at the races today and Brendan massively messed up with the formation but at least changed it.


Heard lots of criticism of Barnes in the match thread. He's a terrific talent and just needs to bag a goal or two to give him the confidence.


Personally though I think we should be investing in at least one top quality winger in the transfer window.

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Oh well. It’s a shame we didn’t win.


However it is still another point gained.  Points wise, we have 39 from only 17 games. We’re still on track for having a great season. Plus this will hopefully make sure that the players realise they cannot relax at any stage this season if we want that Champions League place come May.


plus, only 1 more point from safety... :ph34r:

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They played well first half, hung on a bit in the second but hard to begrudge them it.


Maddison was non existent, Barnes is failing to deliver when attacking moves are reaching their end, Ricardo was uncharacteristicly wasteful but defended reasonably, Grey is back to being Grey (Pass the ball!) Soynchu was given one of the hardest afternoons of the season by Pukki and didn’t always come off best....


Oh well Chelsea lost and if the shit houses from north London can upset the apple cart tomorrow somehow it won’t have been a bad weekend.

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