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Scapegoat du jour?

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On 22/12/2019 at 14:15, Countryfox said:

Mrs Mahrez ...   all that flirting malarkey with world class heavyweight boxing champions really got under the little bleeders skin and got his gander up ....   and as (quite wisely) he couldn’t take it out on them ..  he took it out on Chilwell instead ...   :thumbup:

She should go on strike and refuse to do anything with him whilst still taking a large amount of money from him. Then Claim he is making her depressed because she’s not allowed to sleep with other men whilst married to him. 


Then go out dressed as sexy as she can just to get a new fella, leave him and write a book in a few years titled... my wasted youth with riyad 

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It'll be the light show will be the scapegoat tomorrow...I can see it now!


"The players were put off by the flashing lights"

"Those lights didn't help at all"

"Flashing lights? Not havin' that, mate! Thats not football!"

"Performance affected by the light show"

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On 24/12/2019 at 05:29, Aus Fox said:

I still blame Pleat, he irreversibly changed everything, he was as Knockaert would say very idiot.

Pleat was to blame then, and is to blame for everything bad in the world since.

Kerb Crawling, Spurs **** that he is.

Though I do totally agree with this, we need to look deeper. I blame Terry Shipman for bringing that t**t to our club in the first place... he constantly defended his incompetence 

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