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Merry Christmas ya filthy animals.

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5 hours ago, Parafox said:

Having read your post in another thread about Christmas, I hope your daughter doesn't put to much strain on you and it goes as well as it can.


Our 27yr old daughter is here for the next two days and she brings a lot of challenges with her ADHD and Bi-Polar disorder. Last year I had to force her into the car and take her home on Christmas day after she had a meltdown over dinner and cut her arms and face with a smashed glass. Sadly, I fractured a bone in her ankle trying to manhandle her to the car as she screamed and fought against me. So I have some understanding of your concerns about family time together. :thumbup:




5 hours ago, Izzy said:

Thanks man, I hope things go O.K. with your own daughter this year, sounds grim last year :(


Me and my daughter got Xmas off to a flying start today with a blazing row in the kitchen so she picked up a wooden chair and smashed it on the ground. I then proceeded to open up one of our wrapped up presents to her (£40 in cash) and told her that was paying for a new chair.


Fair to say today's been shite but as expected. Only another two weeks before she fvcks off back to school :rolleyes:


God I wish I still drank alcohol!!! (but I'd probably kill her if I was pissed..)

My sympathies to both of you. I know too well that families can be very trying, but your experiences put our problems into context.


Merry Christmas to all and let’s hope for a successful conclusion in the second half of the season 🎅🤶🌲

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8 hours ago, Stuntman_Mike said:

Hope you all have a great Christmas with your loved ones!


Here's to 3 points on Boxing Day :beer:

We are Not filthy..we are clever...& Have a fine taste,Leading those pack hounds a merry chase,and I sorted out those #cocks a fighting#

"oh come all ye faithfull"





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13 hours ago, Unabomber said:

Merry Christmas all hope everyone has a great one. 

I don’t know you unabomber but will be praying for you and your family. Stay strong 

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10 minutes ago, Dr Marco said:

Happy Xmas! 


Hope you're having a great time!




Happy Christmas mate. Is that The Beach Boys?

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