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The Most Used Phrases In Football Commentary

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15 minutes ago, 49er said:

Describing the ground as a 'fortress'

Players having a good 'engine'

Stringer - 'Leicester in trouble..oh goal..1-0'


A: Noticed Stringer does the 'Leicester in trouble here' line more or less any time the oppo enter our half...

B: Used to scream 'Penalty!' whenever one of ours went down in the area. Must have been told because he does it less now.

C:' And that's world-class from Kasper!' - well, it's ok, but...

D: At least one sycophantic reference to 'Leicester's own' Kasabian and his 'mate' Tom Meighan.

E: Hideous Matt Eliott 'impression'.


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5 minutes ago, UpTheLeagueFox said:

I'm doing commentary for talkSPORT (on the app) at Norwich-Palace on NY Day and will probably use every cliche in the book. Apologies in advance lol

If you do a Watford match and interview Nige, see how many times he says ' In the sense that...'

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Brian Moore -'across the face of goal', 'getting right in there'


John Motson -'I rather fancy', 'good effort', 'it's there', 'well, would you believe it', 


David Coleman -'one nil'


Hugh Johns - ' one nothing Villa/Leicester/Birmingham'


Barry Davies -' Oh, I say what a fabulous goal'

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58 minutes ago, foxfanazer said:

Switch it! Switch it! 


Reminds me of a compete twonk I used to play with from work, he used to shout ‘hang ten’ - I mean, what on earth does that mean???


He also had me double over in a laughing fit, when making a late dash into the box “I’m ghosting in” -  the irony of shouting this out to everybody on the pitch was entirely lost on him

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'At this level'

'He's entitled to shoot from there'.

'Don't think it was malicious'.

'They always find a way to win'.

'Straight down the goalie's throat'.

('a good height for the goalkeeper').

'He'll be disappointed with that'.

('He won't want to watch that back')

'Strong wrists'

'Unnatural position'

'His toenail's offside. It's ridiculous Gary'.

'Don't call them fans. They're not fans, to be fair'

'It's society's problem'

'Social media'.

'Good time to score'.

'He's pinged it fifty yards'.

'That's meat and drink to...'

'He doesn't miss those!' (he was never going to miss from there!').

'It was always rising'.

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Ex-pro bingo;

'Not sure about that Clive. That wouldn't even be a foul in my day'.

The pitches are like carpets (bowling-greens) now'

'You wouldn't get away with that these days'.

('you couldn't talk to players like that nowadays').

'They've all got nutritionists these days to be fair'.


('They're all looking at their phones these days').

'Crazy money. Not that I resent them getting it'.

('It's a short career').



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