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When do players leave the ground post match?

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I've done it with my kids a couple of times. You need to wait a good hour or so and at least on the occasion I did it, you'll have mixed responses from the players.


When we waited behind after a game against Huddersfield , the players walked out one by one (accompanied by a lackie holding an umbrella over them so they didn't get wet on the 25 metre walk to their cars) and ignored the kids shouting for autographs. Only two people came over and stopped for selfiies etc - Huddersfield boss David Wagner and of course, our own Andy King - who didn't even mind getting his hair wet - unlike some others (I'm looking at you Wes!)



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2 minutes ago, Alf Bentley said:


"The King, the King, Andy Andy King! He gets the pen, he signs his name, Andy Andy King!" 


"Westley Morgan is a wimp, is a wimp, is a wimp! Westley Morgan is a wimp, he hates wet hair!" 



What about Eastley Morgan? Less chance of precipitation ?

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The ones who aren't playing tend to come out relatively soon. But to get most of the squad you'd probably look at an hour-ish. 


Been quite fortunate last few seasons with the players we've met and even had Brendan Rodgers!


The Jamie Vardy photo is proving to be elusive though :rolleyes:

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My son and I sometimes wait, think result/weather etc can depend on the response.  


Choudhury, Albrighton, Barnes, Perez and Ricardo were particularly good with the kids.  Perez actually ignored his security guy and came over the barrier so that he could have a photo with a girl in a wheelchair.

Albrighton and Choudhury seem to go around the crowds and see most people.  Albrighton is good at away games too.


Last week at Newcastle Iheanacho came over to my son after he heard him shouting him!  We had the most joy away at Cambridge in pre-season, these games seem easier to get to them, I guess due to the relaxed nature of pre-season and the lack of security at those games. 

I would say they start coming out approx 1 hour after end of the game at home, earlier at away games.  Depending on the stadium it can be easier to get them there.

Hope this helps!

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I remember as a young lad I went to a friendly with my Dad, might have been Scunthorpe and i shouted to Damien Delaney, who was only about 18 at the time, to ask for his autograph. He just looked at me shook his head and walked off. Absolutely hated him ever since. I get that some big players may get mithered a lot but he was a youth player at the time and I doubt people were clambering to get his autograph. 

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Like the others have said you need to wait about an hour at least for any movement out of the stadium. I took my younger sister (11) to the Bournemouth home game this year, it was her first ever game so she was driving me mad with her giddiness. 

Considering their performance the Bournemouth players were good sport (Ake, Harry Wilson etc) however the Leicester players proved to be more elusive. I’m sure they take a separate exit to the away team. Players like Perez’ got personnel to bring their car and pick them up directly. 

We waited nearly 2 hours, and I said to her we would have to leave the next player that turned up. Lo and behold Tielemans saved the day and was happy enough to have a photo taken. It wasn’t much but it absolutely made her day. The only downside was she didn’t shut up all the way home too lol

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2 hours ago, Countryfox said:

If we aint doing too well some players slip off the pitch about 5 minutes before the game has finished to get a head start on the traffic ...   :)


Remember one away game at Bolton when we threw away a decent lead and ended up losing or drawing I think under Peter Taylor. 


We were livid and my mate drove a few of us home (not very sensibly) and stupidly quickly just so we could get out on the lash as soon as possible. We spent no longer than 10 minutes at home freshening up for a night on the tiles in Leicester. 


Couldnt believe it, we walked into Po Na Na's club early doors and Ian Walker, Frank Sinclair and Andy Impey were already in and settled and about 4 drinks deep lol


Like seriously they must have skipped the changing rooms and jumped into the nearest car outside the stadium to beat us home like that. 


Kicked off pretty bad that night once the place filled with quite a few Leicester fans and didn't take kindly to Ian Walkers constant smirk and the ridiculous amount of thirsty wannabe wags he was hogging.. Tosser!! 

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Get your lad in training and they may well be asking for his autograph in a few years.

We used to go round to Gordon Banks house amongst others and he was pretty good to us.Mind he was only making £50 a week

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Sometimes it’s better to go as they arrive. I got to the ground early doors on Saturday and a lot of them were signing stuff and having pictures taken, even though they had a meeting to go to. 

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