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Disagree regarding You. Personally loved it. Finished season 2 last night. Looking forward to Season 3. Now time to go back to Power and finish that off.


Shows i've enjoyed on Netflix


Prison Break

Breaking Bad



13 Reasons Why

The Sinner

The Killing (no longer on Netflix, shame)



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Nah, 'You' didn't float my boat at all... but then I'm probably one of the few on the planet that didn't buy into 'Breaking Bad' either. Funny thing innit? We all like different things. Would've thought it.

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3 hours ago, FoxesDeb said:

Bloodline, The Sinner, OITNB and When They See Us have all been enjoyable, along with most of what's already been mentioned. 

I like Grace and Frankie too, but that's probably far too girlie for most of you, as was Dirty John. Oh and the Madeleine McCann documentary was worth watching too

Forgot about Bloodline. Very good. 


Still need to watch When They See Us. 


You was great. Looking forward to season 3. 

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On 20/01/2020 at 12:08, StanSP said:


Still need to watch When They See Us. 

It’s just incredible on so many levels. Would highly recommend to everyone.

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On 20/01/2020 at 08:51, mabrah said:

I thought season 1 was OK but season 2 did me in (those constant voice overs, you've got the 'unreliable narrator' schtic by now and the constant reinforcements only weaken the show, amusing as they might be)


It's odd because it's not actually very good (average acting, somewhat leaden and clichéd plot) but it has some amusing scenes and clever lines that kinda keep it together. And it does have that 'wonder what happens next?' appeal to it that makes you watch, despite your better judgement. It defo works best watched as a black comedy, though season 1 did have something to say about social media etc.


Edit: just remembered something to watch season 2 for - Robin Lord Taylor, he who played Penguin in Gotham. He's honing his skills and is becoming a fine actor IMHO.

It's like a shit version of Dexter before Dexter became shit. 

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On 19/01/2020 at 23:06, Brizzle Fox said:

Watching the Witcher at the moment. Haven't got a clue what's going on but it's good fun. 


I know that it's not new but just finished the Ken Burns Vietnam documentary. Brilliant and to call it detailed would be an under statement! 

Fantastic documentary.

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8 hours ago, E.Rose said:

Heard good (but disturbing) things about 'Don't F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer' 

Will probably give it a watch in the week and report back 👍

Rough as hell and I’m only 30 minutes in 

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27 minutes ago, a_k_b said:

Any decent documentary’s on Netflix?

The Staircase is well worth a watch. The Great Hack too.


Fyre Festival documentary is also incredible. 

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I liked Mindhunter though more for the subject matter and characters (especially Jeffrey Dahmer!) than anything else. The dialogue was, on occasion, clunky. 


Just started Messiah - it's excellent IMHO. Works on a number of levels too. A very well made show.

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45 minutes ago, theessexfox said:



The Messiah


I enjoy Atypical as well, as a light-hearted but interesting insight into a family with a child with autism

I really enjoyed Atypical too. I live how they handle the subject matter with humour.

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