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Aston Villa post match thread 2-1

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Well. I have to say I'm not surprised at all. We've been poor for weeks now. All the big games this season with the exception of Arsenal at home (Spurs we got lucky) we have basically failed to turn up.

There was a saying once you don't win anything with kids and though not entirely correct there is some truth in that.

The season can go two ways now.

1 We react from this and become a stronger unit with more determination to not let this happen again.

2 The season falls apart completely.


This was the biggest game of the season so far and we blew it.

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1 minute ago, Sunbury Fox said:

Yep. Me and my boys were screaming at the telly for him to close down. He has zero game awareness. 

Let’s face it, he’s as thick as two short planks. Deaf too judging by how many were screaming at him to stop the cross.

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Bar the opening 10 mins where we absolutely battered them, that game was even and we were so naive at the end. 


Gutted. We are nowhere near as stable at managing games at the minute and I just hope that 14 point gap is enough as the dreaded collapse would be hard for any of this lot to recover from.


Onwards and upwards. Ndidi and Vardy badly need to regain their form, both look ghosts out there at the minute.

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5 minutes ago, trabuch said:

Villa will be humiliated in the final and then relegated. Good - I'll be glad to see the back of them - horrible, horrible team.  We can still get to Wembley twice.  We did not play THAT badly. Sometimes football is like that, luck is a factor - thank goodness it is, otherwise England would never have won the World Cup.

We played very badly. No bottle or grit in this team. We were out battled.


And to think some people on here were saying this team are better than our title legends😃




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I thought we played well tonight and were very unlucky in some respects.  To a man there isn’t really anyone i’d point to and say had a bad game.  Apart from Gray.


Hate to say it, but to just stand there watching for a golden fvcking age, whilst Elmo lined up his cross and then stuck it in is absolutely criminal.


He’s had the benefit of the doubt too many times.


****ing sell him.

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Can't take this "unlucky, unfortunate, we were the better team" sh*t, we weren't, we lost!

Some men rise up when it counts others crumble, too many of the last flavour in our side.

probably more natural talent than the 2015's, but much much less winning mentality when it counts.

More bottlers than a coke factory.


Anyone fancy us against Chelsea now?



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