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Chelsea (H) - Pre Match Thread - Sat 1st Feb - 12.30pm

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2 hours ago, Ric Flair said:

Beaten West Ham twice and Newcastle, all who were absolute pony. Our last victory against anyone of note is probably late November? Even those victories vs Everton, Watford and Villa came at times when all of them were in horrible nick. 


We need a performance and a win to further gain momentum and confidence in the league, we have a tough run of fixtures. 

Exactly, almost all of our recent wins have only happened due to the luck of the opposition being shambolic. 


To beat Chelsea, Wolves and Man City we need to be at our best and I haven't seen that for a number of weeks. 


Fingers crossed. 

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2 hours ago, Meat and 2 veg said:

Depends on which side Chelsea decide to penertrate us. Ones side is much looser than the other.

Man ..I love this word, I will include it in all my future company emails. 

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11 hours ago, StanSP said:

Been speaking to a few Chelsea fans (regular match-goers) and they've all stated Chelsea struggle defending set-pieces. I think this is somewhere we can and should be targeting tomorrow - especially with the likes of Ndidi, Soyuncu and Evans amongst us. Kepa seems like he has the struggles that we feel Kasper does when it comes to crosses. 


I feel like we don't utilise our set-pieces enough and can be wasteful from corners (I know we've scored from a few this season but would like to score from more). Whether this is from delivery or execution of chances it's something we can and should improve. We have some very good technical players who can whip in a good delivery so we should be taking advantage of it. 

Our goal at their gaff came from a set piece as well. Interesting. 

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a win today and max points required will be 26 more for Champions league football

with our goal diff 25 should be enough

obviously this will lower if chasing pack drop points


only liverpool 6 points

man city  2 points

Southampton 1 point


have taken the advantage of our 2 losses in the last 5 games

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Just now, Grebfromgrebland said:

We've not win a 'big' game yet this season. Hopefully we can buck the trend today. 


In think if Chelsea press us high up the pitch and get the second press in Chelsea will win.

As much as we slate Spurs, that was a massive win for us.

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