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9 minutes ago, surrifox said:

 We’ll do well to get half their score 

Yes - it's utterly hopeless at the moment. At least we could go down fighting. Bairstow hits a 6 as I type. And another. 

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7 minutes ago, deejdeej said:

Morgan, Root, Roy, Buttler... too many low scores.

Add Ali to that as well. Billings did excellent. Australia fielded excellently too.


One good performance from any of those 5 mentioned and we could have actually chased that total down. I thought we gave away 5-10 cheap runs as well, but oh well, onto Sunday.

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One of the rare occasions where not enough of the frontline batsmen fire and England still got close - don't see much reason for concern and/or shuffling the deck when the side is winning in the short form of the game as often as it is.

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15 minutes ago, EastAnglianFox said:

Whatever the result this is like a blast from the past, nip and tuck trying to find a way to hit around the 250 mark

As exciting as it is when the balls being whacked everywhere, it is like what the commentators regularly say the best/closest games are almost always when the bowlers are on top of the batsman.

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25 minutes ago, chrishlcfc said:

How good is cricket. This game has gone from being over to being right in the melting pot in the space of 5 minutes.


Superb spells by the 2 seamers.

Bloody wonderful game, I was around 16 when the 05 Ashes were on and was enthralled. Was barely interested again until around 2 years ago when me and the mrs sat in a bar all day on holiday in Greece and all of a sudden again I was hooked, can't remember what match was on. 

Not a bad last year or so to be back in love with the game lol

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