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Man City Post match thread

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Quite a narrow defeat.


It was always going to be somewhat of a free hit.


If we get our injured midfielders back, we'll cruise to the Champs league.  We'd all have taken that.


Shout out to Kasper.  Decent again.


Shit out to the ref / VAR not reviewing DeBrunye's handball 1st half.


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Never seen a side be so passive after going a goal behind, pass it square around the back with minutes to go! 


Sometimes you have to forget you principles.


Vardy very average again.


Barnes is like that fit bird who turns out to be a crap shag.



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not a awful performence but ref was terrible , and what  has happened to vardy


he looks like his first yeaqr in the championship


Confidence shot, hate to say it but maybe time for Vardy to be droped



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 surprised took praet off instead of youri. Chilly loves to run the ball out of play. Vardy doesn’t look right. Nacho was very good shake had to go off how we didn’t get at least 1 pen is shocking. Hopefully get a winning run going in the next few weeks

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2 minutes ago, HitchinFox said:

VAR is officially ruining the game. And fuelling, quite justifiably, talk of a stitch up against "smaller" clubs. 


Needs to be binned. 

Thing is, neither pen was given by the on field official, so VAR does at least increase the chance of those things being given, even if it didn’t on this occasion.


getting rid of VAR doesn’t solve anything 

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Poor result but a good performance. Another day and we'd have beaten them by a couple.


My shout out of the game goes to Maddison. I've been his critic at times non more than the semi against Villa but in this game a couple of passes in the second half were phenominal. I know he's needed up front as a number 10 but when he spreads the ball from deeper it's great to see. 



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We matched them throughout, decent performance and I never felt like they were the better team.

Kasper 10/10 3 world class saves.

The back 3 were great as were Riccardo and Chilwell.

Praet man of the match and the best player on the pitch for me.

The officials were embarrassing and with decisions like today it’s easy to see why so many people think the game is bent.

We lost a player and our attacking intensity due to a late reckless tackle and got nothing for it.

The handballs highlights everything that is wrong with the game, I’ve got zero idea how you can not give ours then give one to the team owned by billionaires?

 Disappointed not to get anything but pleased with the performance.

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