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Norwich Post Match Thread

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Another game, another ineffective performance from our winger options. We are going to rue not strengthening in January imo. 


Chilwell also terrible yet again. Please just play Fuchs or Justin next game. 

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Scenes when United finish above us with the maguire memes mocking us. The eff is going on with us lately. At this rate champions league is going to be really tough to keep hold of

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1 minute ago, Izzy said:

It's all turned to rat shit since Liverpool and Man City battered us.


Can only think the players have got complacent and thought Europe was a done deal.


Carry on like this and we'll miss out all together.


Very worried.

No since we drew with Norwich 

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Team of bottle jobs. Do these lot not want to play top 4? Usual suspects letting the team down again. Absoulte disgrace all bar Evans  and Kapser tonight. No desire, no grit. Chilwell is an absoulte disgrace and honestly I can't wait to see the back of him this summer. Can't defend, can't attack.


If we don't get top 4 or a cup final, this season is a failure don't care what anyone says. We have been comfortbaly top 4 for ages now, had an easy cup semi final against Villa and that is all sliding down the pan.


Players need a hard look at themselves. What a difference Ndidi made. Did more in 15 seconds than Choudhury in 65 minutes. 

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1 minute ago, Larry_LCFC said:

We have absolutely bottled this season pure and simple. Toothless in attack and a shambles in defence. Chilwell has to be one of the most overrated players in the country. 


Not making Champions League with the position we found ourselves in would be criminal and heads would have to roll. 


Serious investment is needed in this team. We have been found out and Brendan has no plan B. Utterly pathetic.

Couldn't agree more.  Chilwell is bang average, we look frighteningly poor and very very easy to play against.  We are serving up the same turgid displays week in week out currently.

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