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Birmingham City (H) FA Cup Match Thread

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Quick, aggressive, dynamic, confident performance





...is something I've not said about this side for months now. When will they kick on again? Dire stuff.

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1 minute ago, Fox85 said:

Would you say tactics are negative when we get into an attacking position then pass it back to Evan's and then Kasper.


That is called turning a positive into a negative this is why we cant score goals we dont know what to do when we attack

It's confidence, not tactics. Rodgers isn't telling them to play that way.


We've just been found out a bit, teams have wised up to the way we play. I think that's why Rodgers tried different formations (3 at the back, diamond etc) but nothing has really worked consistently. 

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5 minutes ago, Jonaldinho said:


We don't have negative tactics, the tactics are pretty much the same as they were in the autumn - we're just not playing well. We've lost our confidence badly since December. 

The tactics are the same, but teams now know how to play against it. Narrow defending on our left (people will happily let Chilwell have the ball) double up on our right, crowd the middle. It's so obvious.


Running out of ideas, Rodgers and the team itself. 

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Just now, foxes_rule1978 said:

Mind bending fact, having a shot on target increases your chances of scoring. Our players might not realise this but it is true. 

too obsessed with having the ball in their own half

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1 minute ago, The People's Hero said:

Gray and Albrighton have run their race. I was surprised they were selected tonight and perhaps it was an opportunity for them to impress and win their place here for next season. I think both will be gone. They both should be.


In Rodgers' systems they both just look confused and clueless and end up jogging round in circles.


I think the poor nature of their play is why others have struggled to a certain extent as it means they try to play through the packed centre.


Get both off and get them both learning how to play BR's system; or move them on. MA has at least shown some effort. DG just looks lazy and he's effectively a passenger. MA is one dimensional when he gets it. I'm not sure who has been worse.


Praet has been good.

About sums it up really

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Got distracted just then replying to messages, and completely forgot we were half way through a match until I caught a glimpse of the crowd on my screen. A sign of quite how dull that was! 

bring on Harvs please. We need his directness 

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11 minutes ago, KingsX said:


He doesn't look like he has much idea what he's out there to do.  That's surely partly on the manager though?  Sickening to hear one of our Prem winners booed on every touch.

The Brummies boo him because he came from Villa.

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That was just awful from us. No clue going forward. Sums up how easy we've become to defend against.


76% of the ball and no shots on target sums up the toss served up.

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Just now, Ian Nacho said:

For all people give Burnley stick for their negative football, we need whatever it is they’ve got in terms of grit. 

Burnley are a much better side than us at the moment. They’ve got 2 more points in their last 6 matches than we’ve got in our last 12.

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2 minutes ago, HankMarvin said:

76% no shots


its obviously counterintuitive 


just let them have the ball and we might actually have a shot or counter them

Everyone saying we haven't had a shot - didn't Maddison's attempt around the half hour mark count? Was on target and Camp punched it out. 

It's splitting hairs, I know, but still...

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1 minute ago, Sly said:

My Facebook commentary has gone. I’ve just got stadium noise.


That’s a good thing ...... right?!? 

Lucky you, it would be even better without the picture as well 

Edited by foxes_rule1978
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