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36 minutes ago, Babylon said:

I think if you play to their strengths they are capable of getting close, Nacho 5 league goals in a third of the minutes Vardy got. Perez knocked in 12 goals for a shit Newcastle and when Slim first signed his contribution wasn't too shabby. 


A replacement for Vardy though, no. He's a leader with the desire and effort he shows on the pitch. I wouldn't want to watch their half hearted efforts up top too often.

Yep, if you play to their strengths maybe, but there’s a cost to that, like changing the way we play, the formation and potentially regressing as a team as a result. The only one I’d put up top in a 4-1-4-1 is Pérez - all the rest for me are second strikers.

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53 minutes ago, Webbo said:

I've not seen enough of Under to know whether  he's going improve us, fingers crossed. Maybe Perez could take the number 9 role but Rodgers has never played him there and he signed him so he probably doesn't fancy him there. 



BTW I wear jog pants under my overalls :sleep:


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On 19/10/2020 at 12:36, City1884 said:

Slimani really isn’t what we need.


When he came on, we seemed more willing to cross into the box rather than play through, but as our only target, he won’t get much joy.


His passing and link up play was poor, but to be fair to him, he hasn’t played with our team, and some of it can be put down to him being rusty.


However, the glaring problem for me was just how immobile he is.


I was watching him off the ball, and he rarely even broke into a light jog. He seems lazy and sluggish.

He still has strength, but unless the ball goes pretty much straight to him, he just doesn’t get there.

Most Premier League defenders will gobble up anything before he even touches it

Playing balls in behind will be a complete waste of time, he won’t keep up with play if we break quickly, he won’t pressure defenders into losing the ball, and he won’t track back.


Bringing him on for iheanacho, and Choudhury for Mendy cost us the game last night. We may not have won it, but we wouldn’t have lost it.



...exactly what I had said before, he is very selective in the balls he chooses to receive!!!

People forget exactly why the players were so annoyed with him on the pitch.

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On 19/10/2020 at 22:07, Col city fan said:

Aye, shame then we spunked 55 million on this pair isn’t it.

What a striker that could have gotten us.....

...the problem always comes back to Vardy!!!

What ever price we chose to pay for a striker, it will always have to be addressed that playing with one up top meant that they will be playing second fiddle to Vardy.

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