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Coronavirus: Closed Door Matches

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Just now, adam said:

Will we get some money back from our season tickets? Could do with it as I'm skint!!

if it happens then we should defo do that straight away -  the other clubs would have to follow suit and would mostly lose more money than us 

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8 minutes ago, Gary Eatfood said:

Well, I'm going to Crufts on Sunday so the idea of matches behind closed doors seems superfluous if Crufts is going ahead. I assume the Highcross is still open for business?

Steer clear of the West Highland Terrier show, riddled.

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6 minutes ago, Fox92 said:

PL have scrapped the pre match handshake, just been announced.


However, and I don’t understand this, players will line up but not shake hands lol


I’ve never liked it anyway, let them run out like the old days.

We introduced the 'chicken wing' elbow tap at work yesterday. They should give it a go. 

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7 minutes ago, goody2028 said:

Christ sky sports would have a field day with extra viewing figures 

They could allow them all to be streamed for free.

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21 minutes ago, Markyblue said:

In a crowd of 30000 you are probably in close proximity to several hundred at most , whats the difference to that and a busy shopping centre/ supermarket etc.

Bloke on the radio other day said if you’re in a crowd at a game you’re less likely to catch it than being in a boozer with fewer people around you but in a more enclosed environment.


So I can’t see why they’d play behind closed doors, only put more people in pubs wouldn’t it?

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