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13 hours ago, ScouseFox said:

innit dunno what is so hard to grasp. 


the game is currently going to be played, obviously we are selling tickets. either it then does get played and people who bought tickets go, or it is postponed and they can go in june or whenever. 


either of those options is better than not selling any tickets until like 3 days before. weird that the same people having a cry are the ones who are always slagging clubs off for "releasing tickets late" or blaming sky for rearranging fixtures for a weeks time etc. and giving the fans no time to plan. yet now they've got months to plan, whether it's cancelled or not, and it's still a bad thing. decent.


Lol why are the only options selling tickets now or selling tickets 'like 3 days before.' The premier league aren't going to get up suddenly and say 'right lads all games are going to be played in 3 days time!' There'll be a plan in place and notice given, at which time you can sell tickets again. Which is now what they are now doing.

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5 hours ago, Cardiff_Fox said:

Just think its irresponsible to be selling tickets given the nature of the economy in connection with the virus. There will sadly be people who've bought tickets who face no job in the next two weeks. No form of recourse. 

how on earth is it the club's fault if someone has prioritised a football match over bulk buying toilet roll when they're just about to be made redundant?


can only assume now we have pulled all ticket sales we're going to get some sort of behind closed doors/further postponement news soon. 

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24 minutes ago, peterborofox said:

Absolute joke from our ticket office.


I hope when it's all sorted they restart selling from same priority. I was due to buy mine today

Don't worry they know exactly what they're doing, they're just not telling anyone.

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