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Watford A (phantom) Match Thread

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The away atmosphere was as poor as it has ever been..

The stand was full of largely elderly travellers who were more interested in trying each other's Sherry drinks in their hip flasks than actually trying to create a lively away atmosphere.

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15 hours ago, Free Falling Foxes said:

Thought Kasper had a poor half, he couldn't catch Corona. Bin him


Desperate times call for desperate measures, hence the reason that Rogers brought on the one & only BERNIE at half time to replace Kasper.

For some reason Watford don't get within 30 yards of Citys goal, it's as if there is an electric fence around their goal mouth. Suddenly the Watford crowd behind the city goal start throwing missiles at the innocent Bernie who hasn't even touched the ball. The Ref has to stop the game in order to clear the pitch of Lynx spray deodorant! 

The game is abandoned & the hero BERNIE kept a clean sheet ( not off his own bed).

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We really made that game difficult for ourselves, but it was truly an epic match and the winner from Ulloa will go down as one of the best Leicester City moments I've never seen.

That surely amends for the play off moment in 2013. 


I wasn't convinced by the team selection, but on balance it really worked.

It was great to see Cambiasso back, he's not lost his touch considering he's not played since 2017. 

Chilwell was actually decent, but I'd have to put this down to Steve Guppy in front of him, he anticipated all of Chilwell's play and was always available, they linked up well.


I've watched all the games this season and followed the transfer business closely, so I still don't understand where and how the new player Kanye came from, thought he was excellent though, really kept the game ticking over.


It will always be remembered for Ulloa though, what a moment, new contract?

I thought his move to Mexico would have slowed him down, but he was just like the Ulloa we remember. 

I'll be honest, at the time I thought it was a poor decision to bring him on instead of Birchenall, but once again, I was wrong.




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18 hours ago, urban.spaceman said:


Akinbiyi EXPLOITS the Watford Gap in  defence as he rifles home past Troy Deeney's mum, who is filling in for Kiki Dee today

Watford 1 - 1 Leicester City

No chance akinbiyi would miss the watford gap service's 

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Completely forgot about us playing, too busy buying up all the loo rolls, anyway can’t seem to find the score, think the bbc website is playing up, something about corona, damn Mexicans!

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18 minutes ago, sylofox said:

How come the mods have not put the lock on it yet. The game finished yesterday ffs.

Why has the post match thread/the chilwell is shit thread not been set up? What was the final score in the end and who scored? Are we getting champions league or getting relegated? 

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Birchy's screamer from 35 yards in the 89th minute was good enough to win the game 1-0. But hold on, Pearson got him by the neck and wrestled him to the ground. Birchy's fault he thought, momentarily, he was still the City manager instead of celebrating with Brendan!!

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I’ve got to say Chilwell was a disgrace yesterday. I’ve only just calmed down after that.

Ian Nacho is useless. Can’t hit a cows arse with a banjo.

Morgan actually existing still got me so riled.

What on earth was Pérez doing? 
We’re gonna get caught even if the world ends. There’s no way we’ll hold onto this 5 point lead back to 5th now.

Spotting Maddison getting off the team bus with a Louis Vuitton handbag. Disgrace to man kind.

I was fuming all the way home on Coach 1. Even winning the guess the goal minute didn’t cheer me up. I might have won cus all my fellow passengers have got Corona so couldn’t make it. I put my name down for the 75th minute and the opening goal game after 7 seconds. Every cloud.

We’re all doomed.

**** sake.

However Brexit means Brexit.

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