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Leicester City Concept Kits 2020/21

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4 hours ago, Jace said:

Considering all the Worlds biggest clubs like Real Madrid, Juventus, Man Utd etc all get the same templates as us do you think this would be likely? 

Home shirt at least?

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4 hours ago, Ashley said:

Kits already chosen. Not happening.

Thought this would be the case. If Wolves kits are released before ours you can pretty much guarantee ours will be the same based on previous years, even going back to Puma days. 

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15 minutes ago, Jace said:

Yeah didn't you leak to us a few years ago if I've remembered right? 

Yeah I was told about the photo shoots last year but couldn’t see anything as the security did there job lol

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2 hours ago, Jamiebux said:

Bordeaux away , I’d  imagine the sleeves could be like this? 


NOOOOOOOOO! Not cuffed sleeves.


Takes me back to 1990 with that dodgy Scoreline kit lol

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Can't wait to find out Chesterfield or the like have the exact same kit.


To be fair though Adidas hadn't done bad for us so far, and above doesn't look too bad, abit odd yeah but so did the 15/16 kit at first.

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46 minutes ago, jeffschlupp said:

Wasn't the King Power shirt sponsorship deal at its end this summer?


If so, do we think it's possibly been renegotiated for a better deal for the club?

King Power sponsor deal? Top owns King Power...

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2 hours ago, FoxCal said:


It’s okay

Hideous sleeves and generally pretty uninspiring. Looks like the sort of shirt you find in the bargain bin that you'd only buy to dig the garden or do the decorating in because it was so cheap. 

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