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Which game have you spent most time on?

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23 hours ago, purpleronnie said:

I used to play international soccer on the c64 a lot back in the day

Then perhaps super Mario on the psx 1 or the best soccer game ever ISS pro 98 and crash bandicoot


Then I lost interest in gaming.


Although I'm so bored maybe i'll start again.


Eh? lol



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9 hours ago, Toddybad said:

Champ man 97.

Or possibly getting past level 1 of New Zealand Story #crapatplatformers 

It was the last level of The New Zealand Story that stumped me rather than the first tbh.


Also, just cracked 1000 hours on Kerbal Space Program, so safe to say that's the most for me - numerous playthroughs of Final Fantasy VIII notwithstanding.

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