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Right, I give up, time for me to go. Despite not having had anything like an argument on here for the last year I get ban after ban after ban. The current ban is because of my "tone". The example given by Mark was that, when somebody said that Tim Martin wanted to reopen wetherspoons pubs already I wrote "that c*** would". That's it. There's a thread called 'cvnts of our time' elsewhere.


The ban before was because apparently the Coronavirus thread got political the moment I got released from captivity. Has anybody seen a day where that thread isn't political? 


The ban before was because I apparently go looking for controversy. Despite not having had an argument on here in over a year. And despite the continued existence of @MattP and his Diane Abbott posts.


The ban before was again because of 'tone'. Thanks to people like @Kopfkino @Strokes and @Alf Bentley for being supportive over the fact I haven't been an arse for a long time but apparently that's not good enough.


I give up. I've done nothing wrong. Only one sort of opinion is now allowed here. I've been hounded and harassed for weeks when all I want to do is have a chat at a time that we're all locked away but, despite constantly looking over my shoulder, there's always another ban.


It's turning into an echo chamber I'm afraid to say.


I've tried having a dialogue with the guy that keeps making these decisions but I don't get responses so it's pointless.


Bye all.

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Sorry to hear that, I do hope the people in charge reconsider. Not sure about the echo chamber and "only one opinion allowed" part, there are still plenty of healthy discussions between different sides ongoing without getting overly hostile.


Maybe cutting down on curse words could do the trick?

Looking forward to your comeback, @Toddybad. No bad word from me here.

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It would be a shame if you follow through on this, @Toddybad.


I don't want to stick my oar in too much and cause irritation, not least as there may be factors I'm unaware of, but isn't there a way of avoiding this outcome, @Mark?


I don't pretend to understand how bans work or why some people (myself included) seem to get away with arguing and irritating people, while others don't.

But I certainly haven't noticed Toddy causing problems in threads recently (maybe in the distant past) - no more than the rest of us, anyway. And some of his contributions are very good.


But, Toddy, I do disagree with your comments about it being an "echo chamber" and "only one sort of opinion is now allowed".

Different opinions are expressed in General Chat threads - and people of different views have been banned, as well as tolerated....MattP has served bans, I think.

You're probably not helping your cause by making comments like that....though others (from both ends of the spectrum) make such comments.


Wishing a "continued existence" to all! :thumbup:



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A big shame, a really good poster and a nice guy. 
Really enjoyed most of our debates, and it will be sad to lose you for what seems like unjustified reasons.

Hope you come back, even if under a new guise. ;)


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