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I've said it countless times, VAR isn't the issue. 


Yes, it has been a bit if a shambles but what do you expect when you introduce VAR but dont amend the rules to compliment it. All it has served to do is highlight the inconsistency in referee decisions. 


The biggest issues we've had with VAR this year have been hand balls and offsides. 


VAR isn't to blame for offsides, the current rules leave no room for error, if you are offside, you are offside. That's it. Yes, some are harsh due how slight they are and no obvious advantage being gained but those are the rules. Amending the rules to something along the lines of 'only the feet can be offside' would maybe cut the number of times it happens but it will still happen. You will still get the odd toenail offside. 


Handball has much bigger issues. All VAR can do is show if the ball hits the hand. Nothing more. The rules on handball are all over the place. Ball to hand, inatuaral position, the distance the ball travelled etc. The referee still has a decision to make and the problem is the decisions that are being made are inconsistent. The only way you could make VAR more accurate is to simplify the rules. Currently if it hits your hand in a lead up to a goal, the goal is discounted, regardless. Why not do that on the defensive side of it? If it hits your hand, it hits your hand, no ifs,buts or maybe's. Although, that could devolve the game to folk just hitting the ball at each others arms all game. 


Bottom line  in my opinion, VAR works. It's the rules and level or referees that let it down. 

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We hope everyone on this thread has completed or will do the survey, the last section gives the opportunity to make individual points (although they are more difficult to summarise) it would be interesting if any consistent themes occur from completing that section

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I don’t think VAR is worth it in its current form - I’m not bothered if the other team scores when they’re 0.2mm millimetres offside , some go for you and some don’t and I was fine with that. The glaring mistakes obviously not, but with the law as it is, you can’t ignore one and not the other because it’s less obvious.


offsides are the biggest issue for me - it was never meant to be this closely scrutinised when the law was written - football is just so over analysed as a whole now. The law should be changed - football has become so tedious this year. Yes, you can argue that by the letter of the law, more correct decisions have been made. But it’s completely unenjoyable, was it worth it?

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I don't think the offside law can change. You can forever keep changing the yardsticks for offside and we will keep having the same level of debate or controversy with VAR taking that yardstick to the finest detail. Rather I'd like to see football use VAR in a similar way to cricket, where the linesman makes the decision and VAR only overrules if it is clear and obvious which could be if the whole players body is offside. The clear and obvious bit of the law just needs to be defined more. 


The handball and penalty decisions are much more controversial but again the issue is down to human interpretation of the technology. The lack of consistency is quite alarming but we had the same without VAR, but if there was something that I'd hope to enhance with technology it would be to improve consistency on these types of decisions. 

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