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Will any players prefer empty stadiums?

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Just now, tickler28 said:

Kelechi - Yes (apparently awesome in training)


Vardy - No....no away fans to wind him up

The club should put numerous cardboard cut-outs of Coleen Rooney in the away end.

Should do the trick..:whistle:

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19 hours ago, Qwerty said:

OK no one will actually prefer it, but I was wondering which players might almost thrive on the lack of crowd.  We can be pretty sure Vardy won’t, but someone like Nacho might prefer to play without the huge amount of negativity he gets from the crowd.  I’m sure I heard that he was consistently better in training than in matches.  Chilwell too, he seems to get a fair bit of banter which he might prefer not to have.  Tielemans too maybe?


or perhaps I’m just clutching at straws and they’ll all be rubbish without the blue army! 

Iheanacho by all accounts scores relentlessly in training and we've seen in pre-seasons he's often equally ruthless. I don't believe he gets negativity from the crowd anymore, this season I've seen a real togetherness from fans and player which is one of the best things to come from the Rodgers era. Kelechi was shot to pieces confidence wise and we as fans were pretty bad with him at times but this season he has won us back over and he's probably the 1 player who instantly has a chant sang about him when he plays. Brilliant player, I think the key to us getting top 4 in these remaining games will be his importance alongside Vardy. Can see us going 3-4-1-2 much more often.

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2 minutes ago, RonnieTodger said:

Hoping Vardy cups his ears to an empty stand

Can we get cardboard cut outs of all the fans over the years that have sworn at Vardy after scoring? Special mentions to that guy at sheffield and the chap in the corner at West Brom

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15 hours ago, shailen said:

Agreed that it can't be recreated, but I think at least having goal music or something would help, even if the sounds were just broadcasted on TV and not at the actual game.


Take PlayStation games like Fifa, playing on mute or low volume is not so fun even though it isn't a real game. The viewer at home believing the facade that there is atmosphere might help the entertainment factor and make it as close to what it was before. 

Maybe goal music, but to be honest when i play ProEvo or Fifa it's always on silent, can't take the commentary.

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On 31/05/2020 at 21:15, Costock_Fox said:

To be fair I would imagine if it’s your own fans some players would lose their heads.

I dont understand the mentality that some people go to game's just to hurl abuse at players home or away.


The amount of swearing that sky has to cut out, and the reports that sometimes get out its as if fans become teenagers for 90 mins.


Its also a reason I dont go to games anymore, as I dont enjoy listening to it either.


Its part of the game I guess, but I find it horrible.


Its funny how its compared to posting criticism or opinion on a forum though.. :) Personally I think the two are nothing like each other and I think some assume I am one of those who stand at games constantly abusing players.

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34 minutes ago, Chrysalis said:

Its funny how its compared to posting criticism or opinion on a forum though.. :) Personally I think the two are nothing like each other and I think some assume I am one of those who stand at games constantly abusing players.

Well it depends on how you've worded the criticism. If you're criticising frankly stupid aspects or random aspects and it's become more an attack than criticism then they're hugely similar.


Shouting at a game is similar to sharing your opinion here, just one method can be more civilised and develop discussion. 

(the other is posting on FT:ph34r:)

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Was going to ask the same question. Football weekly just said in Germany they've noticed that high pressing teams and players are struggling with no atmosphere technical players and teams are doing better. I would say we are a bit of both, but we are clearly a lot more technically accomplished than when we won the title it's hard to know how we will fair.


You could see it impacting Sheffield United hard they have been buzzing since promotion and Burnley are still over performing and empty stadiums could be that marginal loss that hits them hard.


For individual players it could finally be time for Gray to shine, like Nacho and Chilwell he doesn't have the best relationship with the fans, empty stadiums and no distractions could help him. Barnes is another one who feels the pressure of the crowd.


Vardy, Albrighton, Kasper, Ndidi and probably Cags are the ones that could suffer without the buzz of fans, but it's such a unique situation all I know is I have every confidence Brendan and team will be doing their absolute best to prepare the boys for it. 

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We dont press and hate been pressed, covid will reduce pressing I think, so we will potentially do very well in these conditions. 


Chilwell who seems to react badly to fan pressure will potentially shine as well, but with Chilwell, some people think the answer is he is molly coddled and shielded from it all, the best way to deal with fan pressure, is to perform well to shut them up.  Its how Vardy does it.  Barnes is an interesting one, he made lots of amateur shooting mistakes early on, may have been down to pressure of the environment, he has improved a bit in recent games and the pressure on him I expect has reduced as a result.  The break came for a very bad time for Barnes as he was starting to hit form.


Older players tend to be more resistant to fan pressure due to life experience, so I expect that's another argument for us to shine, as we have a young team.

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16 hours ago, Stadt said:

I doubt any players will prefer it tbh. Think saying a player gets the odd bit of grief will prefer playing BCD is reaching 

Maybe prefer is the wrong word, but if we assume all players will be negatively affected by it then which ones will it have the least impact on. Those that feel the pressure and incur the groans of the fans might not miss the crowds as much as players that thrive off it like Vardy.

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