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On 18/04/2021 at 18:38, DennisNedry said:

`I recently put a small amount into crypto just to see what happened really. I know full well that I've long since missed the boat on big earnings and am not prepared to lose a lot of money, so really it's just out of curiosity.


I bought £100 of Bitcoin on March 17 at £41,760.65, which is now at £40,317.

I bought £50 of Ethereum on March 17 at £1,320.45, which is now at £1,561.

I bought £50 of Cardano on March 20 at £0.91, which is now still at £0.91.


I'm using Coinbase (as I am not the most savvy when it comes to Crypto) so you get hit slightly by fees. However I've been given 'free' small amounts of other crypto on there by watching short videos (namely Stellar Lumens, Compound, Celo, The Graph and NuCypher). 


My £200 invested is now sitting at £223 (was £260 a couple of days ago), however I assume there's withdrawal fees that would chip away at this a bit.



Did you hold the Ethereum?

Had a good weekend 

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After last week's pull back, my portfolio is looking very healthy once again, chain link and Ethereum classic being absolute ballers but a few others massively improving too. 


Fair play to those with dogecoin. I avoided it as I prefer the long game rather than checking every few minutes wondering when the past time to get out is. What dogecoin is doing is bringing more people into the crypto world and that can only be good for long term investers like me. 


Short term there's definate money to be made too. 

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On 04/05/2021 at 18:55, Nuneatonfox in Manchester said:

Nice diamond hands.
I thought I got in too late at 0.20 but we goin parabolic.

You think it will dip hard after Elon does snl on the 8th?

I always feel like I need to prepare for a crash but then I look at it and it's gone up further. I've made over £1000 at this stage on a small investment since January. 


It's such a meme at this point that I can't see it dipping hugely, yet I don't trust it enough to put any more than a few hundred quid into it. 

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