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Andy King to leave at the end of the season

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Knew it was coming in all likelihood, but still gutted. Similarly to a lot of people around my age, Kingy has been there the whole time and having him leave is crap. Hopefully he has the opportunity to return in whatever function he'd like in the future, no question that he deserves it. 


Hopefully the club will be able to put on a testimonial at some point and the tifo to say thanks properly can see the light of day. 

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Won League One, the Championship and the Premier League. Played in the FA Cup, League Cup, Football League Trophy and the Champions League. That's crazy enough for a club to do in such a short space of time. For one player to have achieved that is unbelievable. 



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2 hours ago, Happy Fox said:

Andy Andy King King King Andy Andy King he gets the ball scores a goal.


Wish him the best of luck with his next club , testimonial against Everton would be fitting.

Ah sh*t, I’ve been singing the second verse wrong for years! 

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As a 27 year old, Andy King has been playing for us for the vast majority of my life. 


Not many players have worn the Royal Blue with that level of professionalism, love for the badge and love for the fans.


One of the big reasons we turned it around after that miserable period of football in the mid 00s where fellow 12 years old would probably have been turned away from following City.


Probably my favourite ever Leicester player. Not the flashiest or most skillful the the blokes got a heart of pure gold.


Will miss him terribly. Lets hope we can give him the send off he deserves when we're allowed back at the KP.

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1 hour ago, SemperEadem said:

The Tifo Union FS had planned for Andy King at the last home game of the season was truely fitting of a player who gave the club fantastic service. I’m gutted he and others won’t get to see it at Filbert Way.

At his testimonial 

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Relegated to League 1


Won League 1


Finished in the Playoffs twice


Won the Championship


Huge part of the Great Escape


Won the Premier League


Set up our first ever goal as Champions of England


Scored our second ever goal as Champions of England


All in 16 sensational years.




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was rather hoping that a job within the club would be found for him...he's surely earned that. Sincerely hope we see him again in the future employed in some capacity by the club.


Good luck in the meantime Andy, you did good. :appl:

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7 minutes ago, AKCJ said:


I like that he's said the club is giving him an opportunity to say his thanks at a later safer date. 


Definitely points to a testimonial or match of some kind :wub:


What a legend. 

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Been a fantastic servant to us, and rightly gets labelled as a club legend. Been there at the worst of it and the best of it. It’s a shame it has to come to an end as he’s such a likeable bloke too. 

Always reliable and a top professional. 

Wishing him all the best, and looking forward to his benefit event. 

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4 minutes ago, Omnisys said:

Its strange that there is no position for him on the coaching staff at any level, he must have a lot to offer the young academy players, maybe he dosen't want to go in that direction.

He’s only 31. Probably wants to play for a few more years. I’m sure he’ll be back one day 😢😢😢

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3 hours ago, Ric Flair said:

I get quite emotional when I think about what Andy King has achieved. He's always been there through a massive stretch of my life and for a time he was the linchpin of the club.


He will without question go down as a Leicester great, his story and record is unlikely to ever be bettered by an individual at the club in terms of where it started and ultimately finished. What a legend, the master of arriving late in to the box to score goal after goal.


That winner he scored vs West Ham that sparked the great escape just summed it all up, this was a lad who refused to let the renaissance that he and all at the club worked so hard to do after years in the wilderness. Scoring vs Everton when we were presented with the Prem trophy was just perfect too, nobody deserved it more.


What a man, would love him to manage us one day. 

For me, if he doesn't score that winner against West Ham we don't win the league. He scored so many big goals for us, and as you say it was perfect that he got on the scoresheet in the Everton game. My favourite player growing up who I really hope gets a brilliant send off when the time comes.

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