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Andy King to leave at the end of the season

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On 17/08/2020 at 09:06, Sol thewall Bamba said:

I think they'll do something next summer for Kingy and Kasper's length of service and Wes' retirement.

He won't retire next summer because we'll go and offer him a one year extension because of a decent performance he puts in against a rubbish side near the end of the season

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1 hour ago, Lambert09 said:

Would love for him to go to a league 1 club that I could waste my money on betting to get promoted and start following. 


Got to imagine hed he’d be a great fit for someone like Sunderland or Hull 



He’ll probably end up at somewhere like Peterborough.

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It's sad that he can't get a contract but I don't what kind of wage he is after. If he was willing to upsticks I'd be trying to get a move to the MLS or maybe even the A League. But I reckon he's probably set his mind on a move not too far away from home. 

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7 minutes ago, foxinsocks said:

Villa or wba?

He’s not good enough for either in my honest opinion. Villa have just signed Barkley! 

A Leicester legend, in every sense of the word but his time at the top and nearly top level is about done I reckon. 

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League One pay Tesco wages to their plsyer.  King was on circa £35,000 here. Most Championship clubs don't even pay that to their star player, nevermind a,32 year old who long past his best. He would have to take over 70% pay cut to even get a mid/lower end Championship club to look at him. 

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10 hours ago, foxinsocks said:

Villa or wba?

He's not good enough for these sort of sides. Dunno why people think "ohh he'd be great here" without any knowledge of that club's current midfielders.


He's 32 and Huddersfield didn't want to keep him on the back of a loan move.

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My view is now if your over 30 its going to be a huge struggle to get contracts as a pro footballer


look through the list of our of work footballs 90 percent of them are over 30


teams want young players who can run all day in a game which now obsesses with pressing at times over the art of kicking a ball about


King can pass well but his running stats wont match  a 21 year olds that is hurting him i'd imagine

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10 hours ago, UpTheLeagueFox said:

King, Simpson, Silva and Slimani are all training with the U23s.



My nephew, a GK in the U11 academy, met King and Simpson at the training ground over the weekend.

They were amazing with the kids (who were all understandably buzzing meeting football heroes) and Simpson even followed my nephew on Instagram (but don't ask me why an 11yo has Insta!!)

I text both players to thank them and they replied how nice and respectful all the kids were.

Doesn't take much to do these things but not all in football do. King and Simpson are genuine blokes and respect to them for that.

that warmed my heart, love them both, proper legends



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