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Yikey. That was not good at all. Brighton by far the better team and Lee Mason doing his best to detract what a mediocre perfomance that was. We are better than this. I flippin hope. 

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3 minutes ago, StanSP said:

Glad it's over!

It’s not. There’s another 45 minutes yet...


Great save by Schmeichel for the penalty. Apart from that we’ve created little and seem to go back and forth from centre backs, to wing backs, miss out midfield and give it straight to them.  Need to press harder and play more centrally, for which we need Barnes/Albrighton on and take off Mendy for starters. We’re also too slow and allowing ourselves to be hit on the counter.

Hope Brodgers can give them the kick up the @rse they need

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Just now, Fox92 said:

Pretty awful.


Gray has been our best player.


Not sure what Mendy and Kelechi are doing.

Oh god that tells u how bad weve been if gray is our best player! Nah but seriously we were absolutely crap! 

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